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Upcoming Screenings

For information on scheduling an in-person film screening, click here for our brochure.

Screenings consist of opening remarks, the film, and a post-show discussion led by writer-director Lucia Mauro.

"This beautiful film and its Q&A are a great community builder that creates reflection and discussion and helps sustain spiritual growth."

-- Grace Avellana Villamora, Chair, Holy Name Cathedral Filipino Network












Actress Miriam Giudice as Mother Cabrini.

(Left): Statues of Mother Cabrini and the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the altar of St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Church in Omaha, Nebraska. (Right): The National Shrine of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini in Chicago, where Mother Cabrini passed to eternal life in 1917 when the chapel was part of Columbus Hospital.


Since Covid-19, we also show our film through online showings that feature a live chat with writer-director Lucia Mauro and special guests. They raise funds for parishes and schools.

For information on scheduling an online showing, click here.


(L-R): Sr. Bridget Zanin, MSC, Director of Chicago's National Shrine of St. Frances X. Cabrini; Writer-Director Lucia Mauro; & Composer Enzo De Rosa during our online screening in honor of Mother Cabrini's Feast Day 2020.

Stay tuned for announcements

on future film showings.

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